This software speeds up the work of designers like a turbocharger.

DER SPIEGEL, 46, page 72

Works Fantasic
Definitely a great tool for Outpainting.

Tom Traubitz

Fantasic App
This is by far the best solution out there for Stable Diffusion at this time. 

Christopher Marin

Source Images from

AI Text Generation

Use AI text generation from Gyre server with great quality and versatile uses. Not just in a research project.

Four AI Connectors


Best overall Stable Diffusion experience with most features, great
in- /outpainting, text layer, background removal and upscalers.


Highest resolution and better overall image quality using text to image. It is cloud-based so Mac user can use it.


Popular community server. Might be useful for some special scenerious. Great Inpainting. Needs local installation.

StabilityAI Cloud

Only image generation is supported. Useful for trying out new models from Stability AI.


What is required to run flying dog for DALL-E 2 & Stable Diffusion?

You can use this plugin now with DALL-E 2 or RunPod/Gyre  without installing a server (e.g. Mac users)

On the server side (which can be your own Windows PC running Photoshop as well) you need to run the Gyre server like described in this  video .  A decent NVidia graphics card is also required for a local installation of Gyre or Automatic1111.

Photoshop  v24.3 or higher is also needed. It will run on any computer or operating system which supports the required version of Photoshop (Windows 10, MacOS, Apple Silicon, etc are all fine). For M1 Mac please activate "M1 Fix" in configuration.

Which graphics card do I need for local installation?

We recommend at last 6GB and it has to be from NVIDIA only, 2600 or better. 1000er series is really slow and breaks artistic workflow too much in our opinion - better use a cloud server in that case. Server part does not run on any Mac. For higher resolution than 512x512 (e.g. 1024x1024) you need more GPU memory (e.g. a 3090).

What is so ​revolutionary?

For the normal Photoshop user - not really into this kind AI before -in daily business the workflow will change a lot:

1. Instead of searching for stock images, just user Text-To-Image AI

2. Instead  of using Photoshop Content-Aware Fill - use Inpainting

3. If Image has to be in a spesific format/size just use Outpainting to enlarge it

4. For more artistic illustrations use Image-To-Image or specific style by using Text-To-Image

5. Instead of doing (little) correction by a brush, just use Inpainting

6. Instead of searching an object in a stock database and prepare it for adding to a scene just use Inpainting

For the advanced AI user knowing all kind of AI already this is also a huge change:

1.  Instead of switching between different AI tools just use mainly this one

2. Instead of struggling with limitations of over-complicated web frontends just use the full power of Photoshop with layers, grouping, selection,...

3. Use this tool for correction of faces or hands from another AI like Midjourney V4

What about the Automatic1111 image quality?

For image generation using "text to image" it offers special features like HiResFix, Tiling, or Face restoration. But it does not offer Clip Guidance and Outpainting quality is not same than Gyre . Inpainting operations deliver similar results. Gyre also offers AI text generation, upscalers and background removal. Some of the Automatic1111 features are not implemented in API like upscalers. So our recommendation which server to use is clearly Gyre. 

Where do I report Bugs or Feature requests?

For Plugin itself use our Discord: or our support E-Mail We do not offer Automatic1111 installation support.

What is your refund policy?

Unlike our other products, flying dog for Stable Diffusion is sold directly through Adobe's marketplace. As such, it is subject to their terms and conditions, and you would need to contact Adobe Support for issues relating to the purchase itself at (Of course we happy to provide the same technical support as always for the installed product). If the Adobe support can not help you in a refund situation, please contact our support anyway.