Installation Stable Diffusion GRPCserver (new with 1.5 Inpainting support)

The Stable Diffusion GRPCserver, can be run on a machine on your local network, or on any Docker server. A web UI comes with the GRPCserver in a single easy to install package. More information:
Note: installation does work now on Windows systems with special character sets (Chinese, Cyrillic,...).

Update from previous version:
1. Stop server and delete old folder
2. Accept new models for 1.5 (see links below) at Huggingface
3. Download new version and make fresh installation

Installation-Steps for Windows:

1. Download Package (new server with 2.1, Tiling, Hires Fix, new samplers, xFormers)
here (v0.1.0)

or previous version: here (v0.0.6)
 and Unzip

2. Run install_or_update.cmd

3. Edit config file:
 - set the first value to contain your Huggingface token (without brackets) . If you do not have one - see below
 - set SD_VRAM_OPTIMISATION_LEVEL=2  for most GPUs  
 - set SD_NSFW_BEHAVIOUR=ignore if you do not want black images back (because NSFW filter does also false classification)
If you want to use it on local network set SD_LISTEN_TO_ALL=1

4. Start server by executing run.cmd
Test in browser at and add this link in Photoshop-Plugin Config (SD GRPC)

Hugginface Token

Access tokens are just a way to officially download the weights of the Stable Diffusion model, you have to agree to the Terms of Service. They serve no other purpose.

  1. Register for a HuggingFace account at
  2. Follow the instructions to access the repository at and and

you need to check the License and click on “Access repository”

  1. Create a token at

Alternative installation method: