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Features of Enterprise Social Networks

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Documents, images, calendar, etc. in the business social network

Media Database - Fullscreen and Zoom

A Media Database is an essential tool, also in a corporate environment. Images, charts or illustrations can be uploaded via drag&drop in the publisher. As in other apps these contents are immediately available in the Activity-Stream and can be commented and rated. Thereby images will be displayed as large as possible in fullscreen and can be zoomed.


Improve communication

With the help of our Enterprise Social Network employees of departments at different floors and locations move closer together. This allows you to communicate more efficiently and to identify and use competitive advantages.

Involve employees

The "Social Media" generation uses tools like Facebook as a matter of course. The potential to offer this modern form of communication at work is the key factor at the workplace - also to recruit new talents.

Collaborate easier

Emails are past. Our Enterprise Social Network provides faster ways to exchange information in real time. With the built-in applications such as Document- or Task-management teams are working together more effectively. Our innovative full screen search lifts enterprise search to a new level.

Boost innovation

According to an MIT study by Professor Thomas J. Allen, 80% of all innovations are created by "informal discussions". Innovative companies, or those who want to increase their rate of innovation, create opportunities for informal communication - which can of course also take place in our Enterprise Social Network.

Where is the Social Network used inside a company?

Possible use cases

Large and medium-sized companies

Company-Intranets with the demand not to outsource internal data to a cloud. Create a highly communicative corporate culture and strengthen the informal communication skills. Find internal support for new projects.

Research institutions

Find new ideas faster, work in hidden or inter divisional-project groups. Use the Enterprise Social Network as a source of creativity.


Accelerate the exchange of information across various buildings, offices and departments.

Police Intranets

Transfer options from police radio to internal communication. Communicate search results across organizational structures.

Clubs or associations

Clubs provide a platform to organize and provide additional value to club members.

Industry networks

Make members of the network known to each other, organize workshops and collaborate in workgroups.
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Social Network in the Intranet - the search

Communication in the Social Intranet

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The Social Network in your company

Transform your intranet into a centre of communications.

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Our Enterprise Social Network brings the idea and standards of social networks to your intranet. Our software covers a broad spectrum of intranet applications and is optimized for usage in medium to large installations. We consistently rely on existing infrastructure without cloud.