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We are among the pioneers in the CMS market and now offer leading ECMS products for 14 years. As a web content management icon we stand for continuity as well as for state-of-the-art technologies. We accompany you in expanding your business success based on the realization of demanding internet or intranet projects. We are your competent partner and longtime service provider in the solution of problems.
Below is a cross section of our most important CMS innovations of the last 14 years:
  • Flexible data model

    With the presentation at the "Internet World" in 2000, we have advertised our software as an ideal Internet and intranet solution. Technical base was the flexible construction of the data model. This made it possible to develop CMS applications for a variety of customer-specific requirements.

  • CMS Editor with text objects

    Early on we preferred our own developments in the CMS content editor. The direct display of objects in text flow like images, text boxes, downloads and more was hereby an outstanding property of our editior in the year 2002 already.

  • Semantic search

    To manage content means also means to find content by a powerful search. We have expanded this technology to entirely new and very innovative areas with our partners in 2003 already: sematic search, automated classification of text and later on up to linguistic analysis of search terms and similarity search on image content.

  • Template components

    With the great new release of Powerslave 7 in 2007 we changed the template language on to a generic component model. Time has shown that we were absolutely right with this development. With the so-called WebComponents now a very similar technology now finds it's way into browser development.

  • Social Intranet

    Although that only recently we feel the increasing demand for a collaborative intranet solution, we already recognized in 2010 that the future lies in the Social Intranet and the have laid the cornerstone for our Enterprise Social Network.

  • Time Tunnel

    The versioning of content played an important role in our CMS for many years. Versioned content can be accessed intuitively by our so-called time tunnel.

  • Powerslave ECMS 2015

    Use Powerslave ECMS 2015, which will set another milestone also for your company with our most advanced technologies. New features include the media database and the responsive construction of the entire system in flat design.

The CMS for your Internet and Intranet

Collaborate easier

With the built-in applications such as document management or the powerful media database you collaborate more effectively. With our Enterprise Social Network employees of different departments or different locations move move closer together. This allows you to communicate faster and more efficiently and to realize and use competitive advantages. Our editor - which is developed inhouse - sets new standards for the web-based editing of content. With an innovative full text search, we lift enterprise search to a new level.
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Your requirements - unlimited

Our CMS storage structure adapts to your needs and not the other way around. This way very different solutions based on Powerslave are possible, from large intranets with hundreds of departments and thousands of users, the mapping of complex business-critical databases in production and development, up to responsive large websites in modern design. In combination with our enterprise workflow engine and Powerslaves flexible data model there are no limits for your requirements.


Create departmental websites or intranet- and internet-microsites in no time without having to contact a web developer.

flexibles Datenmodell

Our software does not limit your options because of its free data model - such a variety of applications is possible.

Moderner Editor

With our proprietary text editor so-called text objects such as images, text boxes, downloads (and more) are possible directly at the input in the text flow.

Media database

The re-engineered media database offers a great user interface and many functions for image processing.

Document management

With the integrated DMS, documents of any format can be saved. A powerful versioning is available and a direct connection to MS Word is possible.

Social Intranet

Work together more efficiently and expand your intranet to a full-fledged collaboration solution. Read more here: flying dog Enterprise Social Network

Enterprise Search

Find your content with a powerful search. We offer connectors to various search engines such as Xapian, IntraFind. Just type and the full screen search will display search results from different sources such as articles or categories automatically. There is no faster way to reach your content! The exciting possibilities of a semantic or linguistic search improve the search experience.


So-called dynamic live servers can be installed separately from the editorial-system and be connected in series. This allows easy use of load balancers for traffic management.


Using a modern component technology your web interfaces can be built user defined.


With the mobile version you are always up to date. By consistently using responsive design the software also looks great on smaller screens used in smartphones or tablets.
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